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What Is Tinsel?

Jul. 28, 2021

What Is Tinsel?

Tinsel is composed of metallic or metallic-colored strands, usually arranged on strings or ropes called garlands. It is usually silver or gold and hung on various objects as decoration. Perhaps its most popular use in modern times is as a holiday decoration, such as that is draped around a Christmas tree. Before the 16th century, it was most often used to decorate sculptures.

Material changes

Although it sounds a bit Germanic, the word "tinsel" actually comes from the Old French word estincele, which means "shine" or "shimmer." Initially, it was made of extruded real silver wire, but the metal quickly lost its luster. Other metals, such as aluminum, are also used to make decorative threads. Modern tinsel is usually made of synthetic wires or fibers, such as extruded polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Tinsel composed of real metal wires are expensive and fragile, so they are rarely used. Individual strands may be woven into larger wreaths or woven into ornaments, but only the wealthiest citizens can afford the entire garland to use for decoration.

Advances in manufacturing have finally made it possible to use aluminized paper to produce cheaper tinsel. By the beginning of the 20th century, many homeowners were able to purchase garlands or individual icicles made of this material. By the 1950s, decorating garlands and icicles on Christmas trees was almost as common as decorating colored lights.



Use in decoration

Glittering tinsel garlands are often added to Christmas trees to highlight the brilliance of lights. They are usually wrapped around individual branches of the Christmas tree, after the lights are added, but before the decorations are placed. Individual icicle strands can be placed carefully on the tips of the branch, or it can be gently thrown onto the tree.

Potential danger

Some owners of small pets, especially cats, find that for some pets, tinsel is an irresistible temptation, but it is difficult to digest. Although most of them are non-toxic, if consumed and not eliminated, it may cause health problems. The bottom of the tree can be sprayed with a pet deterrent to prevent dogs or cats from swallowing icicles or chewing on garlands.

To prevent children from swallowing icicles, icicles should not be placed where young children or infants can reach it. The clearing of individual strands will also be difficult. The debris may need to be picked up by hand to avoid clogging the electric vacuum cleaner.

Maybe your nostalgic people are still using these things. However, it is not the same material as our youth. In fact, it has often changed over the centuries. Yes, it's been a long time.

Tinsel is usually used to decorate Christmas trees, but it can also be used on ceilings, walls, or anything festive.

Tinsel is usually flexible and can easily distort anything, such as blog posts, photo structures or decorations.

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