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The Tradition Of Confetti

May. 17, 2021

The Tradition Of Confetti

Confetti is a delicious almond coated with sugar and is handed out at events celebrating special moments in life. Traditionally given in Italian, French and Greek cultures; confetti represents the sweet and difficult moments of life. Each almond has a different meaning, and each color represents a different celebration.

The tradition of confetti has been around since Roman times, symbolizing the bitterness and sweetness of life. In all the special celebrations in life, it is a habit to distribute confetti. Five almonds are distributed to the couple at the wedding, representing happiness, health, wealth, fertility and longevity. According to custom, the confetti given to the bride is an odd number to indicate indivisibility, which means that the couple cannot be divided.

Different colors are used to indicate different events:

White-wedding, communions and Christenings


Pale pink or blue-baby shower and gender exposure

Red-Graduation Ceremony

Gold and Silver -Anniversary

There are unlimited options for you to incorporate these delicious foods into your event or home. These candies can be given to guests in sachets, beautiful confetti flowers, or small boxes as gifts as a help. Another lovely option for your event is to have a confetti table display. Every guest fills up his own bag to remember your special day!

The tradition of throwing wedding confetti is said to have originated in northern Italy in the Middle Ages, and it has been spreading since the pagan time in England. Before the confetti, flowers, petals, grains or rice will be thrown at the newlyweds to symbolize prosperity and abundance. Nowadays, confetti of various shapes, colors and styles can be thrown into the air during celebrations, or thrown by the flower girl into the aisle when the bride enters the venue, or used as decoration at the wedding feast. Now, wedding confetti also appears in the form of woodcut patterns (but not suitable for throwing!), some even feature personalized tags, words or images of the bride and groom.

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