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The Tips for Throwing Confetti in the Wedding

Sep. 04, 2021

One of the favorite moments at the wedding is when family and friends throw confetti  at the newlyweds. It is crazy, funny, colorful, emotional and completely happy. As a confetti supplier, I’d like to share this guide to provide you with wedding confetti tips to help you.

Check the Wedding Venue

After you have decided where to put the confetti, you must check your venue to make sure there are no mistakes.

Many places and churches don't like confetti because they stain the floor, or some smaller confetti is too small to be easily cleaned and can cause trouble in cleaning.

So please check your venue to make sure they allow it and whether they like confetti.

Choose the Confetti

With so many amazing confetti to choose from, where do you start?

1. First use confetti that matches you and the type of wedding you are hosting. If you are hosting a charming city wedding, choose charming metal confetti. If you are hosting a rustic country wedding, choose confetti to match this one.

How to throw confetti. Personally suggest that bold and colorful confetti will be better. The white confetti may become a bit lost in the sky and the background. The bold and colorful confetti is more prominent in the photo. You can choose the perfect confetti you need based on location, background, and time of day.

2. You can also arrange some flower petals to match with confetti. In this way, confetti and petals can raise the overall wedding style to a higher level.



Time to throw confetti

1. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, then the best time is when you walk back down the aisle after you are officially married.

2. If you are having a church or chapel ceremony, you could have it as you exit through the church doors. Or you can walk down the aisle, wait at the back of the church at the entrance and greet every guest with hugs and kisses as they exited the church. As they exit the church they can pick up handfuls of confetti. Then once all the guests are outside, then you would exit to a huge confetti throw.

3.Another time you could do a confetti throw is during a large group photo. If you are wanting a photo with all your wedding guests.

4.You can also throw confetti during your location portraits. The Bridal party can launch it into the air and celebrate with you.

Attentions Points of Throwing

These points must also be told to your wedding guests and confetti throwers before it happens.

1. First, throw the confetti in the air but don't directly face the couple. Because the cardboard of some confetti is very sharp, it is dangerous to throw confetti on your face irresponsibly. And by throwing it into the air, it will stay in the air longer and will look better in the photo.

2. The second point is to throw away all at once. If 100 people throw confetti at the same time instead of 10 or 20 people throwing confetti at different times, it will look more epic.

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