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The History Of Christmas Decoration

Jun. 07, 2021

The History Of Christmas Decoration

We do this every year-decorate the Christmas tree, decorate the house with colorful lights, and pull out Christmas cloth.

In this boring season, one of the most enjoyable things is to decorate your home with Christmas trees, various colored lights, metal foil, plastic gingerbread men and various reindeers.


Tinsel originated in Germany in the early 17th century, but it is very different from the shiny plastic tinsel we use today-it was chopped silver flakes at the time. Real silver.


At that time, tinsel makers of the day would hammer the silver until it was very thin and then cut it into strips. No one seems to have recorded the name of the clever man who invented the wire, but it was so popular that machines began to make this kind of thing to meet the demand.

Eventually, people realized that the smoke from Christmas candles would darken the tinsel, so later versions were made of tin and lead. This version is too heavy for Christmas trees, so the British inherited this tradition and made the sparkling tinsel we like today.


The Germans once again have the upper hand in the decorative invention department. The baubles were originally invented by local Hans Greiner in Lauscha, who first manufactured them in the late 1840s. The original baubles were fruit and nut-shaped glass, which eventually became a more spherical shape.

It is said that Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom liked the tradition of such small baubles very much and brought them from Germany to Europe in the mid to late 19th century.

In the beginning, these baubles were handmade, made of glass, and only the rich could buy them. But it didn't take long for the plastic plate to be manufactured, making the manufacturing cost lower and everyone could afford it.

Christmas tree:

The green fir trees were originally used by pagans and Christians to celebrate winter. The pagans used fir tree branches to decorate their homes at the winter solstice, because it is said to make them think of spring being around the corner.

The Romans used firs to decorate their temples on Saturnalia, and Christians began to use firs as a symbol of eternal life with God.

No one seems to know for sure when fir was first used as a Christmas tree, but the general consensus is that it started in Northern Europe about 1,000 years ago. Many early Christmas trees seem to be chained upside down from the ceiling (hanging on a chandelier or lighting hook).

In parts of Northern Europe, other early Christmas trees include cherry trees and hawthorn trees. They will be replanted into pots, hoping to bloom at Christmas. For those who can't afford plants, you can make a pyramid out of wood and decorate it like a tree with paper, apples and candles. The modern version is synthetic, but many people still use the genuine product.

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