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How To Decorate The Christmas Tree?

Oct. 11, 2021

Christmas Tree

Decorating a Christmas tree looks easy, really? When you put a bunch of decorations on the tree without any rules and regulations and find that the result is not satisfactory, you need to take a look at this Christmas tree decoration guide!


Hang the lights first

Hanging a string of bulbs is the toughest part of decorating a Christmas tree. But if you do it right, the bulbs also bring the most outstanding effect. Follow these tips: Hang the lights from top to bottom and hide the strands behind the branches. Distribute them evenly. If you don't know how to see if it's even, steps back 3 meters and look again. Pay attention to areas that are particularly bright or dark.


Hang garlands or ribbons   


Once you've got the lights decorated, you can start hanging any decorations. You can make your choice based on personal preference but consider these issues.    

- If you like garlands that look like popcorn, choose white ones. This means popcorn that has not been buttered. It will look a little more elegant that way, and white will work better as opposed to pale yellow.

- Try to avoid using fluffy wire. The fluffy wire was the most common material used to decorate Christmas trees in the mid-20th century, but they are now obsolete. If you want your tree to look shiny, use small pieces of aluminum foil in the shape of trees and stars.    

- Plastic icicles are less likely to be used for decoration. If you've ever decorated successfully, you probably know how not to show a very obvious plastic texture; if you haven't, choose something else to decorate with.    

- Use thread or webbing. If you want to hang a ribbon garland, choose one that will hold its shape without distortion. Choose a ribbon of medium width so that it looks better from a distance, but not too big so that it is less likely to be hung on the tree. Distribute the ribbons evenly on the tree according to their length for a better visual effect.

- Beaded garlands of metal or plastic are easy to decorate. As long as you choose a suitable color, gold a string of metal balls or stars will look great, hang them evenly on the tree-like bulbs.    


Add bowler hat 


Add bowler hats before you have too many ornaments to hang. Choose a bowler hat according to your theme. Here are some of the more popular options: stars, angels, a pretty bow, holly leaves and berries, big snowflakes, and a Christian cross.


Hang ornaments


Because ornaments are more delicate and easier to move, it is best to put them after all the problems have been solved. Work from top to bottom and try to place them evenly. Remember to put some deeper in the tree as well.    

- If you are going to use a mix of bulb decorations and professional ornaments, put the bulbs first and use them as a base, then you can choose where to put the ornaments so that they are all clearly visible.    

- You can even use some videos that are not often used to decorate the tree. For example, candy and other things that kids like, or you can use pine cones and fruits.

- Consider the bottom of the tree. Try not to put anything too expensive if you have pets or small children because they can easily knock the tree over, if not you can add some more lights or garland.    


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