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How to Choose Table Skirt

Aug. 20, 2021

table skirt

blue foil table skirt

Table decoration, including tablecloths and table skirts, is one of the most important aspects of event design. Tablecloths are the most basic accessory for decorating any tabletop, and matching them with table skirts is undoubtedly the best way to cover monotonous table legs. However, a simple table skirt can not only hide flaws and defects, but also make your activity table and space form an overall beauty.

Activity table skirts are available in a variety of colors, sizes, fabrics, styles and designs to help you coordinate your activity design. But too many choices also make choosing the right table skirt a difficult task. There are several key factors to consider when buying the best table skirt.


Fits the size of the table

When you plan to buy a table skirt, you must measure the size of the table in advance. Measure the circumference and height of the table, and choose the size of the table skirt accordingly. In addition, make sure how many sides of the table should be covered with the table skirt. For example, if you only want to cover three sides of a table placed against a wall, then only three sides of the table will be enough. If you want to cover a round table, please measure the perimeter of your table and choose a round table skirt.


Choose the right color

From soft and subtle tones to rich and vivid tones, table skirts are available in rainbow colors to add a touch of color to your table decoration. When choosing a table skirt for your party table, it is important to choose the right color to complement your event palette. Carefully matched tablecloths and table skirts can significantly enhance the appearance of your table. Do you want to enhance your party atmosphere? Choose rich and strong colors for the queuing table skirts, such as golden table skirts or pink table skirts to add gorgeousness to your decoration.

In line with the purpose of the event

Choose the right party table skirt to get the job done. Before choosing a table skirt, you should clearly know what role your table skirt plays. If you plan to use table skirts to hide unsightly table legs, or you want to hide messy wires, speakers, props, and other things under the table. Thick cloth table skirts are your best choice, such as satin table skirts or polyester table skirts. They can conceal any elements that you don't want to be in the eyes of the participants for your party table, and add a delicate and exquisite atmosphere to your decoration.


However, if you want to enhance the beauty of your table, choosing an elegant table skirt can add a stylish look to any table, whether it is a wedding head table, a buffet table or a cake table. If you want to create a sense of luxury, then choosing a fancy table skirt is absolutely right. For example, decorate your reception banquet table with sequined table skirts, exuding sparkling charm.



We hope that these valuable guidelines and suggestions will help you choose the perfect table skirt for your upcoming event. We provide exquisite cheap table skirts to upgrade your table decoration to several levels! In addition, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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