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How To Choose PVC Christmas Tree And Tinsel On The Christmas Tree

Mar. 12, 2021

How To Choose PVC Christmas Tree And Tinsel On The Christmas Tree

Now everyone is more concerned about reducing their carbon footprint. Replacing a live Christmas tree with an artificial Christmas tree is a good start. Choosing a décor for your vacation can be difficult because there are too many. Usually choose between a PVC Christmas tree and a tinsel Christmas tree. It all depends on what you like: Does it look realistic or sparkly?

We use this guide on PVC and tinsel Christmas trees to make guesses for your Christmas tree shopping spree.

The main difference

Let's start with a more technical aspect. Polyvinyl chloride plastic is used to make artificial tree needles. It is also used in building materials, electronic products and even elastic clothing.

On the other hand, the tinsel is very shiny. Guess. It is also made of polyvinyl chloride. What is the main difference? Tinsel foil needles are coated with a thin film to give them their signature metallic luster.

Benefits of PVC Christmas Tree

1.PVC Christmas trees come in many colors

Tinsel Christmas trees do come in various colors, but PVC Christmas trees have different colors and patterns. For example, a pink PVC tree can be baby pink or hot pink.

If you have a specific color scheme in mind and like your tree reality, then PVC Christmas trees are a good choice. But remember, it does not have the sparkling tinsel on the Christmas tree.

2.They look realistic

You know the answer is no, but the PVC Christmas tree does look like this. Especially when they are a mixture of other materials such as PE (polyethylene). In fact, many imitate the appearance of living trees.

3.PVC tree is a space-saving miracle

Another advantage of PVC Christmas trees is that they come in a variety of sizes. We don’t just refer to height.

Tinsel Christmas tree

1.Tinsel on Christmas tree brings light to themselves

The tinsel Christmas tree does not need lights to stand out. This is because they reflect the brightness from other light sources. This is also true at night when the lights are on.

Are you still wondering, can a gleaming tree help your holiday decoration theme? Think about the energy-saving choice of metal foil.

2.Less is more

Now, this is a great-looking Christmas tree with some selected decorations. Less means you can spend more money on gorgeous decorations. The shiny needle reflects the color of your decoration.

However, if this is your style, don't let it stop you from adding more. The beauty of the tinsel Christmas tree is that its shine cannot be defeated.

3.Christmas tree tinsel brings back the good old days

The tinsel Christmas tree is very popular because of its retro appeal. Considering that this tree flourished in the 1950s, it is still popular today.


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