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Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Confetti

Jul. 12, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Confetti

There is no doubt that the image of the bride and groom being sprinkled with colorful confetti as they leave the church is their iconic image. In fact, the tradition of sprinkling confetti at weddings can be traced back to the middle ages. This is the traditional custom of the guests attending the wedding. They will say "congratulations" and wish the newlyweds good luck and happiness throughout their lives.

For decades, the symbolic meaning and origin of confetti have been almost forgotten. But at weddings around the world, throwing confetti is still commonplace. Without it, most of us would not think the celebration is complete without it!

Who offers confetti at the wedding?

Until recently, it was the norm for guests to bring confetti to weddings. In fact, this is still common in some parts of the country. You may find that some of your guests, especially older generation guests, will show up with their own confetti.

But if you really want to sprinkle confetti on your wedding, you should prepare it yourself instead of relying on your guests to supply it. In this way, you can choose the type of confetti, such as petals. You can also make sure that you have enough confetti and for your photographer to take some great confetti shots.

When do you throw confetti?

Traditionally, after the newlyweds say "I do," they throw confetti. The wedding can be indoors or outdoors, when the couple walks over the red carpet or leaves the venue.

Seek guidance from your venue because they do not allow confetti to be thrown indoors or near the entrance of the venue. In this case, you may prefer to let your guests throw confetti when shooting outdoors (for example, in a garden, field, or park).

You can also ask your guests to throw confetti at your reception; for example after the first dance.



Throwing confetti

The design of throwing confetti is very light, so it "flutters" in the air (it won't hurt if it falls on your head).

Paper confetti is a traditional one. It is made of colored tissue paper and cut into hearts, stars, squares or circles.

Rice paper confetti looks like tissue paper confetti, but it is more environmentally friendly because it dissolves when it comes in contact with water.

Craft glitter is often used as confetti. It looks beautiful in the photo, but be aware that it is difficult to clean up.

Petal confetti, like this rose petal confetti, is made from real dried flowers. It is biodegradable and adds a vintage look to wedding photos.

Uncooked rice is sometimes used at weddings. However, in recent years, due to rumors that it is not safe for birds to eat it, it is no longer popular. This is unreal, but it is still fallen by the wayside in favour of modern confetti.

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