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Christmas Decor Crafts To Stay Away From Fire Sources

Nov. 08, 2021

Iridescent Snowflake

Christmas is approaching, in order to set the atmosphere of Christmas, major shopping malls (supermarkets), bars, KTV, and other public gathering places will be Christmas trees, dolls, snowflakes, and other decorative decor crafts laid out all over the place, set off a heavy holiday atmosphere. However, these decor crafts are flammable items, do not wind the wire, to keep away from heat sources, units and individuals should pay attention to beware of "three no products" when buying to prevent accidents.


Christmas decor crafts should be away from heat sources


During Christmas, in the public gathering places at the main entrances and exits, set up in Christmas decor crafts, and wind colorful, flashing neon string lights. The current domestic Christmas tree material is PVC, snowflakes and other decor crafts are made of plastic foam, both of which are flammable items. Winding the decor crafts on the wire, small bulbs, etc. due to long periods of electricity, once a short-circuit accident will ignite Christmas decor crafts. decorations on fire, the fire spreads quickly, will emit smoke, produce strong irritant gas, if in the room will cause poisoning, easy to cause casualties.


Units and the public in the use of Christmas decor crafts, to stay away from heat sources, fire sources, all kinds of lamps, heating equipment, electrical appliances, etc. to set aside a safe distance to prevent heat from catching fire.


Do not buy unqualified decor crafts


Due to the low production threshold of Christmas decor crafts, the majority of Christmas decor crafts are "three no products". Almost all of these decor crafts are not marked with the origin, trademark, especially some decor crafts on the pungent smell harmful to the human body. The manufacturer of legitimate goods, instructions for use, notes, and other clear, workmanship in line with national product-related requirements. In general, "three no products" production does cruder, decor crafts have a strong irritating odor. Especially winding in the Christmas decor crafts on the wire, light bulbs, etc., if not in line with national standards, once a long time to use, it is easy to short circuit, leakage, and even cause a fire, etc. Taiyuan Fire suggests consumers be cautious and not buy unqualified decor crafts for the blind pursuit of a festive atmosphere.


Iridescent Christmas Tree

Christmas decor crafts should not be placed in the safety exit


Decor crafts can not occupy the safety exits, placed in areas that do not affect the evacuation of people. It is recommended that the placement area has a dedicated place to look after. It is necessary to instruct people near Christmas decor crafts not to play with fire and not to throw cigarette butts into decor crafts. If a fire is found, put it out immediately with a fire extinguisher and organize the evacuation of people to ensure safety.


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